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Canon Student Development Programme 2021
Virtual event: 1st – 4th September
Join us for the 5th edition of Canon’s Student Development Programme. Gain practical advice and insights from top industry professionals to help you develop your skills. Open to all aspiring photographers, sign up now to access four days of educational online lectures for free. These inspirational lectures will be hosted by some of the biggest names in the world of photography, helping you advance further in your career.

Check out the full agenda here
Wednesday 1st September
Building a career in photography can be daunting but with Canon Student Development Programme alumni, telling stories on their journeys to pro, you can’t go wrong. Discover key insights on the tools needed to get your story from the field to the front page. Today’s talks aim to guide your transition from student into the working world.
Thursday 2nd September
From tips on how to create job-landing portfolios and pitches, to insights on how multimedia can boost your offering as a photojournalist, today's guests give advice and discuss the challenges facing photographers across the industry – including diversity, equal opportunities, and the impact of advancements of technology on the workforce.
Friday 3rd September
From winning grants and awards, to creating social-first content to reach new audiences, there are many ways to get your work recognised as a photographer. But are the risks associated with the reward? In today's talks we tackle these subjects, with insights from former grant recipients, as well as industry pros who give first-hand experience of life on social.
Saturday 4th September
When telling a story through imagery, a relationship forms between the photographer and subject, long before the photo is taken. In today's talks, we explore these relationships, discuss ethics, moral responsibilities, issues of representation and strategies for how to approach and overcome the challenges they pose.
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